How It Works

EMhealth is a free online Health and Wellness system designed to help Employers Mutual customers develop and assess their workplace Health and Wellness programs.

Through its user friendly interface and online accessibility, EMhealth can help organisations to:

  • Establish and manage a successful Health and Wellness program
  • Survey employees to gain feedback on proposed and existing Health and Wellness programs
  • Identify problems or areas to improve within their Health and Wellness program
  • Generate a Health and Wellness program action plan
  • Track the progress of their Health and Wellness program

EMhealth provides a range of tools, resources and links including:

  • Online employee surveys with reporting tools
  • A Health and Wellness program assessment tool
  • Policy and procedural templates that can be customised to suit the organisations needs
  • Task reminders and To Do actions, helping organisations to stay up to date with tasks
  • A scoring system to help identify key program priorities
  • References to useful resources and organisations

EMhealth is a free online tool for EML customers available through the Mutual Benefits program. If you would like further information or to register for EMhealth, please contact our Member Benefits team at  

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