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Q. How does EMsafe work?

How the System Works

An EML customer joins the system by completing the EMsafe Registration form. This form is available here .

b) Once the registration is completed, the customer receives an email requiring them to accept the Terms of Use, after which another email is sent confirming their EMsafe membership with login instructions and credentials.

c) Every week for the next 25 weeks EMsafe members are sent a member alert email with instructions to undertake a WHS related activity and record the activity within the EMsafe system.

d) Where an activity generates a Task for completion, the System displays the Task in the responsible persons My Tasks and Reminders Calendar and email reminders are sent on the due date and each day until the Task is completed.

e) EMsafe members can log in to the system and view their Workplace Activity History, which displays an overview of all addition and modification to information by all Users with access to the Workplace. 

f) In addition to a record of all Workplace Activity, the Workplace Activity History Module also displays the Workplace Activity Score that provides a guide to how the Workplace is performing in relation to WHS compliance on a month by month basis. The higher the score the better.

g) The EMsafe system features a highly functional User Management capability that allows individual Users to access multiple locations across multiple system subscriptions. 

h) In addition to Task reminders, the EMsafe system reminds the relevant EMsafe member about all other date-sensitive items saved within the system such as Staff and Contractor qualification expiry dates, Contractor Insurance Policy expiry dates and Hazardous Substance SDS expiry dates

EMsafe WHS Modules include:

  • Workplace Activity Score
  • Task / Hazards
  • Documents and Files
  • WHS Self Audits
  • WHS Consultations
  • Staff Inductions and Records
  • My Inductions
  • Training Plans
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Workplace Safety Inspection Reports
  • Incident Reports
  • First Aid Incident Reports
  • Contractor Management (with 4 x Sub-Modules)
  • User Management
Q. What do I get with the EMsafe System?

The system is easy to use - staff and management can login online and complete WHS related activities anytime anywhere via any Internet connected device with a web-browser- including Mobile devices.

Key benefits of the System include:

  • WHS / OHS Generic Policy and Procedures Manual for you to tailor to your workplace
  • Pre-programmed email task reminders tell you what to do, how to do it and when to action events by use of easy to use dynamic online forms
  • Simple yet powerful dynamic online forms many of which can be re-used as custom templates - simply fill in the blanks and save!
  • All your workplace's WHS tasks and documentation available in a single, secure location
  • Fully supported
Q. Does this System guarantee compliance with WHS legislation?

A. No. The system requires some work on your part too, it will not work by itself.

The generic material provided will assist you work towards compliance once you have undertaken all the tasks outlined in the program.

What we DO NOT guarantee:

  • We cannot guarantee that your workplace will be 100% protected from risks arising from work.
  • Nor do we guarantee that your workplace will be in a position to prove due diligence as a defense against WHS related legal prosecution.
What we DO guarantee:
  • We will provide your workplace with the tools to effectively manage WHS.
  • EMsafe has been designed to Australian Standard 4801

If you have WHS specific questions, please visit the appropriate regulator for your state. Links to these are provided at the top of this page. Should you require further assistance, please contact us at mutualbenefits@eml.com.au

Q. First Aid Requirements for my Workplace - what are they?

A. The duty of care to provide first aid is detailed in the WHS Regulation 2011 Chapter 3, Division 3.

The Code of Practice - First Aid in the Workplace, Section 2 details specifically how to determine the first aid requirements for your workplace.

Should you require further assistance you can contact mutualbenefits@eml.com.au

Q. How do we improve WHS?

A. A strong commitment and implementation of WHS in the workplace is very important.

Your EMsafe Member Area features a Workplace Activity History Module. In addition to displaying all additions and modifications to information made each month, this Module also provides a Workplace Activity Score as a guide to how well your workplace has committed to and implemented WHS.

The higher the score the better you are performing and being active in work health and safety.

Please click on the following link for an explanation of what each Risk Rating score means and how you may improve your Rating over time.

Risk Rating Document

To view the EMsafe WHS Management System Plan (which highlights how your WHS will be set up and maintained), please click on the following link:


Basic improvement in WHS will be brought about by committing to following the implementation program and following the instructions contained within the email messages Workplace Administrators receive for the first 25 weeks and then periodically after their subscription is created.

The emails contain the information needed to undertake and complete vital WHS tasks to build and improve on your WHS management system over time.

Q. How do we assess WHS risk?

A. We need to understand the current level of risk. For example, is our WHS risk low, medium or high? The level of your improvement is based upon how 'bad' things are. If you have poor health and safety practices then a higher level of WHS risk management is required

Q. How can I perform risk assessments with EMsafe?

A. If you have noticed a hazard recently (E.g Exit light has gone out), you can simply go the Tasks / Hazards Module within your EMsafe Member Area to create an individual task for this matter.

Creating a new Task will step you through a simple Risk Assessment process, which in turn provides guidance to determine the time period the Task should be actioned by. The system will then display the Task on the due date to the responsible person within their My Tasks and Reminders Calendar, and an e-mail reminder will be sent to the responsible person on (and each day after) the due date until the Task is marked as completed.

For how-to information relating to creating and managing Risks and Tasks login to your Workplace, navigate to the Module and view the relevant in-page help information and video tutorial.

Q. What are terms of use and what are our policies?
A. Our terms of use, privacy and disclaimer policies can be viewed in the footer of this website.
Q. How do I upload documents to the EMsafe system?

What documents can I upload?

a) Any saved documents that exist on your computer (e.g. WHS Committee Meeting minutes/agendas, notices, correspondence, training register, electronic invoices, etc.)

b) Provided you have a scanner, any paper documents (e.g. receipts, invoices, signed documents, training certificates etc.) can be scanned and uploaded.

What are the steps I take?

  • First log into the EMsafe system.
  • Then go to 'My Member Area'
  • Click on 'My W.H.S. Documents'
  • Then click on 'Submit New Document'
  • Select 'Browse' and you can upload anything you like from your hard drive.
  • Click on 'Save'.

What are the benefits of doing this?

It means you have all your W.H.S. records and documents in the same place and you can access them anytime you like.

What if I get stuck? e-mail us.